So Divine

Sex toys just got a little bit more Divine


You’re So Divine my Valentine

Secret Survey Reveals All… Sssshhh – the secret’s out!  Valentine’s Day brings out the Cupid in us all, even though our busy daily lives can interrupt the love bug all too often!  A new survey reveals that over a third (38%) of people in a relationship think that it’s a special time to show love, with plenty of room for passion and excitement.  Over half (55%) of us ignore the nay-sayers who moan about the commercial aspects of it – oh no, fun and frolics are on the love menu.  Even singletons agree with that, with a third (32%) seeing it as a...

Reasons why your relationship is not at risk if you don’t have sex on Valentines Day

If you have a strong chemistry and great banter you won’t need to use Valentines Day as an excuse to get in between the sheets you’ll get pleasure from each other’s company whatever you get up to. With kids its not always possible to have time together alone on Valentines day. If you’ve got a family, get them involved and make it a family appreciation love day/night. Just make sure you have quality time just the two of you at other times. The pressure of conforming to Valentines Day and getting caught up in the commercialism is stress...

Naomi Narrative reviews So Divine range

Dating, Sex and Relationship blogger Naomi has just reviewed the So Divine range for her blog, Naomi Narrative... "Recently, I’ve come across a company called So Divine and that’s exactly what they are – not only are they divine, their product range is simple, sexy and self-explanatory and perfect for first-time buyers (obviously suited to regular users too) The toys and accessories available on the website are also pretty damn affordable too. Not too cheap that they’d fall apart the minute the batteries went in, and not to expensive that yo...

Sex Toy Romance

Doing something new for the first time can feel a little daunting, whatever it is. Starting a job, joining a club, eating lobster! Taking your first steps into the playful world of sex toys with your partner is no different. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not adverse to a bunch of flowers, chocolates and a card on Valentine’s Day – but we can certainly think of better ways to show the love. And if there’s a more appropriate time to introduce a little extra frisson into your sex life than on V-Day, then we don’t know when that is. But where to ...