Mothers hot and bothered to find vibrators for sale on Ocado!

so-divine Mothers hot and bothered to find vibrators for sale on Ocado!

So Divine is in the news following a discussion on Mumsnet about the availability of our range of vibrators and sex toys through Ocado, as reported by the Mail Online.

“The weekly Ocado shop is a must-have for affluent yummy mummies. But some were left feeling a little hot and bothered when they discovered sex toys for sale on the online supermarket.

The upmarket retailer stocks an X-rated range of vibrating rings, ‘bullets’ and ‘magic wands’, along with its cleaning products, toiletries and family snacks.

Shoppers have stumbled across the selection while browsing new products – where vibrators were listed alongside an umbrella, shampoo and a Champagne Easter egg.

While Ocado has sold sex toys for a number of years, they recently sparked an excited discussion on Mumsnet after one user discovered them for the first time.

She wrote: ‘You can order a vibrator with your groceries and that took me a bit by surprise whilst browsing the “new products” section.’

The post prompted a flurry of responses from other mothers, who were left blushing at the thought of the delivery driver discovering one had been ordered – and wondered what substitution would be offered if a sex toy was out of stock.”

Read more on Mail Online.

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