Introducing our new So Divine Booty Plugs

so-divine Introducing our new So Divine Booty Plugs


Do you want to make your next booty call one to remember? Then take anal fun to the next level with this soft and silky silicone booty plug.

Bootylicious has been designed for anal players who are ready to step up and move on from the beginner toys. It has 5.3cm insertable length of bliss and we recommend using plenty of lube for a power-packed orgasm that’ll keep you coming back for more.

Bootylicious makes the ideal bedroom essential as it is made out of a silky soft silicone material and is a classic colour of purple. Each plug also comes with two extra coloured jewel ends that can be changed to give your booty plug a new look.

Try our new medium-sized booty plug for only £19.99!


Wild Thing

Ready for a new adventure? Well, say hello to the new big boy booty plug

With 6cm of insertable height and a 4cm circumference, Wild Thing will give experienced anal players new extreme sensations to enjoy. Smooth, silky and designed for easy insertions as well as maximum pleasure, this booty plug will help you to reach heady new heights. It will be the ideal champion for those who love to explore and take sensations to new levels.

Wild Thing is made out of an elegant dusky purple coloured silicone. The flexible neck and silicone material allows you to have an ultimate comfortable experience whilst wearing it. It also comes with two extra coloured jewel ends that can be changed to jazz up your Booty Plug and give it a new look.

Give our new immense booty plug a go for a great price of £21.99!

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