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So Divine Vibrating Rabbits

Our So Divine Vibrating Rabbits are the new kids on the So Divine block and they are certainly the ones to watch out for…

I hope you’re all ready for some bunny fun as our new vibrating rabbits come in two forms; the purple ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ and the hot pink ‘Kiss Kiss’ – both of which are sure to have you coming back for more.

With their clitoral stimulator and gently contoured shaft, the vibrating rabbits will have both your clitoral and G-spot orgasm needs covered for an intense blended orgasm. Both the stimulator and shaft can be operated separately and with three speeds and seven pulsating patterns that will have you reaching new highs in no time!

Heat Function

Let’s Go Crazy and Kiss Kiss also have a heat function, warming up to a body temperature of 37-38 degrees for a lifelike feel that will leave you with a warm, happy glow. The added heat function will allow to to explore new orgasmic depths.

Fun Rabbit Vibrator Facts

  • The first Rabbit Vibrator was originally invented in Japan in 1983 but because of the laws that were in place against vibrators, manufacturers weren’t actually allowed to make them and had to disguise them by making them brightly coloured and animal-shaped.
  • The Rabbit eventually became known to the one the best-selling sex toys worldwide and a big thanks to its great success comes from Sex in the City’s Charlotte and her obsession the hot pink Rabbit vibrator.
  • In fact, its success grew so vast that in 2006 Oprah named The Rabbit as the “Rolls Royce of sex toys” in the Oprah Magazine – impressive huh.
  • The rabbit vibrator gives more pleasurable sensations than any other the traditional vibrator due to its capability of providing g-spot and clitoral pleasure.
  • An astonishing number 75% of women worldwide have never reached an orgasm from intercourse alone without clitoral stimulation… but this is where the Rabbit becomes the knight in shining armour as the vibration of the external arm alone can be enough reach new climax heights and the internal stimulation is an added bonus!
  • A sex toy is used during sex by 87% of women… and almost half of them would choose a Rabbit over any other option!
  • The Rabbit outsold washing machines and tumble driers combined in 1999 as over 1 million were sold. The power of the Rabbit.