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The Best Body-Safe Sex Toys: Evening Standard Feature

Here's a preview of our latest feature in the Evening Standard's article: The Best Body-Safe Sex Toys "When purchasing any sex toy or lubricant our advice is simple but sincere: always consider what it's made from and never buy cheap. Unknown to many, a vast majority of the toys on sale today are made from all sorts of harmful materials which can cause allergic reactions resulting in everything from irritation and burning of the skin, and in some severe cases, thrush." So Divine Get Lucky USB Travel Vibrator Best for: the busy and working woman...

Good Housekeeping Vibrator Results 2018

Check out the latest Good Housekeeping Vibrator Results: Kiss Kiss Vibrating Rabbit    78/100 So Divine's Kiss Kiss stands out for the extensive range of settings it offers. As well as featuring ten modes, each with seven levels of intensity, it contains two motors so that the G-spot and clitoral stimulators can be operated separately. On top of this, it even features a heat function which warms the vibrator up to body temperature (37-38 degrees) for additional comfo...