The Sway Club
5th December 2018

If you’ve not heard about The Sway Club Subscription Service …then it’s about time you had!

The subscription service offers a new way to purchase and enjoy sex toys with a new exciting surprises each month. The Sway Club lists a range of So Divine products on their site, including our Let’s Go Crazy’ Rabbit Vibrator and ‘Ooh La La’ Flower Vibrator.  More recently, they featured our Rose Gold ‘Halo’ Bullet Vibrator in their very first subscription box. Let us know if you bought one because we’d love to know.

About The Sway Club

Who? The Sway is a revolutionary subscription service that aims to enable and empower women – in relationships – to explore and enjoy their sex lives.

What? Subscribers receive bi-monthly, themed pleasure packages packed with innovative products, prompts and toys to awaken and arouse – all delivered to their doorstep with the utmost discretion. Sway boxes are cleverly designed and curated in such a way that questions are asked on behalf of both partners, teasing out facts about each other you may never have known – The Sway is that little voice that prompts “ hey, this could be fun…”. With each box curated around a theme – i.e. sensual massage or light tease – The Sway offers couples a different, unique and exciting experience, every time.

Why? In the midst of a cultural shift that sees women more vocal than ever – demanding equality in all aspects of their lives – a staggering 80%* of women across the globe admit that they are unsatisfied with their sex lives.
Whether that’s down to a idleness, routine, a breakdown in communication or
an overall lack of consideration towards female pleasure – the problem remains the same. It’s time for women to take control of their own sexual fulfillment. Starting by initiating open and honest conversation with their partners regarding their own sexual satisfaction – as well as their individual desires.
However, despite studies having found that over 60% of women are open to trying new things in the bedroom – it’s fair to say that getting the ball rolling is a lot easier said than done – and that’s where The Sway comes in. Not only enabling exploration and conversation in the bedroom, but also keeping your sex life on its toes – all without you having to step foot in a sex shop or spend hours online working out what your meant to do with a cock ring.

Click Here to find out more about the new sex toy subscription service

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