Tips to Help You to Not Break up with Your Partner During Lock-Down

"If you live with a significant other, that means you're probably spending far more time with them than, well, ever. Factor in sharing a small space? Well, then things can quickly become strained – even if you are totally each other's type on paper."'Being cooped up in the same space with someone restricts your independence which means that you can start to focus on the negatives like the things that irritate you about each other as you can't escape them. It's good to remember to have fun together and enjoy each other. Sex can also be a great ...

So Divine Sex Toys In Tesco Stores

We're pleased to announce our So Divine sex toys are now available to purchase in over 500 Tesco stores across the UK. Here at So Divine, we’re helping to make sexual products more accessible by making them available for all with your weekly shop. With the launch of So Divine in Tesco’s, customers can now stock up on their bread, milk and sex toys...Every little helps! Tesco recognises that sexual wellness plays a huge part in our physical and emotional health and are embracing the sexual wellness revolution with So Divine. Available in their s...

Sex, Health and Wellbeing – Is there a link?

Gone are the days when sex was an embarrassing subject to talk about, times are now changing! With the launch of sex toys in mainstream stores such as Tesco and Boots, consumers are becoming more open to talking about sex. While most people only think about the obvious pleasure benefits, there's a much wider range of benefits linking to our wellness. In fact, sex plays a key part of our general wellness as well as our emotional and physical health.So how can sex have a positive impact on your health and wellness? 1. It Reduces Stress Levels...