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Our most exciting launch yet and best kept secret….

We are delighted to finally introduce our new #SelfLove range of toys which we’ve been keeping quiet for a long time.

The new #SelfLove range has been developed with self-love at the core. Made using the most luxurious high-quality, body-safe materials, the range is designed to to empower females! Whether you prefer clitoral stimulation, exploring your sweet spots, or fancy using something with a partner, there is a sex toy in this range for you.

Find out which toys are part of the new range…


So Divine Self Love Finger Vibrator



Finger Fun Vibrator

Tantalise yourself with this petite single-speed finger vibrator which is perfectly sized to tease your sweet spots. Use solo or with your partner to massage your external erogenous zones




So Divine Self Love G-spot Vibrator



G-spot Vibrator

Enjoy lavish pleasure with this super-smooth G-spot vibrator that’s been designed to help you hit your elusive G-spot. With 3  speeds and 7 pulsing patterns, this vibe has everything you need to give you that WOW  factor.


So Divine Self Love Clitoral Suction Vibrator



Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Dive deep into orgasmic bliss with the powerful suction pulsations that stimulate your clitoris. This USB rechargeable toy has 11 functions to tease and stimulate you into a powerful orgasm.


So Divine Rabbit Vibrator



Rabbit Vibrator

This silicone rabbit vibrator has both your clitoral and G-spot orgasm needs covered for a delightful blended orgasm. You’ll be reaching new highs in no time with the 3 speeds and 9 heavenly patterns!




So Divine Self Love Bullet Vibrator



Rechargeable Bullet Vibrator

thrilling rechargeable bullet vibrator that delivers deep, enchanting sensations with just the press of a button. Designed to be used externally, this passion vibrator will take you to cloud nine in no time and with ten tantalizing speeds you can choose how you hit your high.