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So Divine

Secret Survey Reveals All…

Sssshhh – the secret’s out!  Valentine’s Day brings out the Cupid in us all, even though our busy daily lives can interrupt the love bug all too often!  A new survey reveals that over a third (38%) of people in a relationship think that it’s a special time to show love, with plenty of room for passion and excitement.  Over half (55%) of us ignore the nay-sayers who moan about the commercial aspects of it – oh no, fun and frolics are on the love menu.  Even singletons agree with that, with a third (32%) seeing it as a great excuse to enjoy yourself. Love to Give When nearly two thirds of those surveyed (60%) started imagining how they’d build up the love ambience, a romantic meal, whether out or on a date at home is the perfect answer.  Nearly half (46%) expect to give or receive a card, while over a third (37%) go down the flowers, chocolates or fragrance route, but that’s still appreciated as a sign of love.  And to get that extra va-va-voom vibe started, nearly a fifth (19%) think that it’s a divine day for a really special, personal present.  To spice things up even more, 11% of people dating for Valentine’s loved the idea of receiving something sexy, two thirds of them looking forward to some sexy lingerie, and nearly half of them saying that a sex toy is in their romance drawer! Top Tips for a Divine Valentine’s Day
  1. It’s the best excuse to go for maximum pleasure, however you like it!
  2. Make plenty of time – just for you and your Divine Valentine
  3. Romance is so divine when you get it right – feel the vibe with a lovely romantic ambience – light scented candles, play music to dance (and smooch) to, dim the lights.  Who knows where it might lead?
  4. Laughter they say is the best medicine, so go on, have a giggle and enjoy the sexy stuff
  5. Remember the little things: hugs, strokes, kissing and hand holding keep you connected and loved…
  6. A divine Valentine’s Day isn’t only for once a year – OK, maybe every day is a bit of a stretch, but fix date nights (and days) to reignite your passion
  7. Because isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about? Love…
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