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So Divine


Check out the latest So Divine feature in the Sun online: "What your favourite sex position says about YOU!"

Sex and relationship expert Annabelle Knight explains how to do the moves in bed and also features our very own 'Halo' vibrating bullet!

Here's a sneak peak at the article found on the sun online:

"The cowgirl position is great for showing off your body, pretty much everyone looks absolutely fantastic from in this position and it means your clitoris, nipples and other erogenous zones are available for a bit of extra attention. To truly get the most from this position I’d recommend adding a sex toy to the mix. Something petite and discrete will work wonders during Cowgirl, a bullet vibrator slips easily between partners and makes for a very welcome addition, especially if you want a bit of extra bang for your buck. Something like the So Divine bullet vibrator would work wonderfully, as it’s tapered tip means pin point clitoral pleasure is all yours! Women who prefer this position are body confident and usually quite dominant in their relationships. You’ll likely be a no nonsense type of woman who knows exactly what she wants."

Check out Annabelle's article here:


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