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So Divine

It's MASTURBATION MAY -  aka the month we celebrate getting off with ourselves. It started back in 1995 by Good Vibrations and has ever since been about breaking the taboo surrounding pleasure. Each year more and more Brits are getting more comfortable discussing pleasure and sex toys. This is also represented by the increase mainstream stores selling sex toys. You can now find our So Divine adult toys in Tesco, ASDA, Boots, Superdrug and Ocado. 10 years ago this would not have been the case, but things are changing massively and we're excited to be a part of this change.

To learn more about masturbation and sex toys, TENGA conducted one of the world's largest study on self-pleasure. We picked out some of the key findings from TENGA's report which studied Brits masturbation and sex toys habits. Find out below some of the key findings!!


Masturbation is one of the Most Pleasurable Experiences 

According to TENGA's survey, Brits find masturbation one of the most pleasurable experiences in the world! They even find it more pleasurable than laughing, taking a hot bath, eating a delicious meal and being in a beautiful place.


Brits Find Masturbation One Of The Most Stress Reliving Experiences 

 Brits also find masturbation to be one of the most stress reliving experiences in the world. Brits rank masturbation as being more stress reliving than getting a relaxing massage, listening to music, doing yoga stretches and meditating!!


British Men & The LGBT Group Masturbate the Most 

 Over 93% of men masturbate and 95% of the LGBT community do. In addition to this, 88% of  women in the UK masturbate.


Over Half Of Brits Use Sex Toys

According to the survey, over half of Brits use sex toys and those that do report higher levels of satisfaction and pleasure from using them.  Women are also more likely to use sex toys than men with 65% of females in the UK using sex toys, in comparison to 42% of men. However other stats have suggested that mens sex toys are one of the fasted growing sector in the sex toy industry. 


The Celebrities We Fantasize About The Most 

According to TENGA's survey the most popular men that British women fantasize about are: Tom Hardy, Christen Grey, Jonny Depp & Brad Pitt. 

For British Men it's: Jennifer Lawrence, Scarlett Johansson and Emma Watson. 

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