So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty Plug
So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty Plug

So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty Plug


Find just how much fun anal play can be with our gorgeous, star-embellished Sweet Sensation Booty Plug.

While we can all celebrate the fact that sex toys are no longer taboo, anal pleasure can still be a difficult subject to talk about. We think it’s time that changed too. Did you know that aside from the genital area, the anus has more nerve endings than any other part of your body? This means that anal stimulation can provide one of the most intense sexual sensations and we’d just hate you to miss out. When it’s done right, anal play can intensify an orgasm, give spanking sessions a new dimension and add a lusty urgency to sex. What’s not to love?

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So let’s talk about how to get started with anal play, whether you’re going solo or as a couple. Follow the tips below and – most importantly – have fun!

Slowly does it…

If you are not used to putting anything in your anus, it can feel like you’re unwittingly trying to push it out again! This is totally natural and the key to getting it right is to take your time and use plenty of lubricant – both on the butt plug and around your anus. Make sure that you are aroused before you try and insert anything, including fingers, as your muscles will be more relaxed.

Small and perfectly formed

Your butt will need a bit of training for anal play. Start small and build up slowly. As the muscles in your anus relax you will become more used to the feeling of having a butt plug inserted and in time you may want to try something larger. Sweet Sensation is designed for beginners so this petite plug is great for those new to anal pleasure. Using plenty of lube and insert it slowly and gently.

Safe is fun

Here’s a top tip for anyone who wants to try anal play: make sure that anything you insert isn’t going to stay up there! Butt plugs should have a flared base that sits on the rim while the tapered end is inserted – making it impossible for any unwanted disappearing tricks during an orgasm! Sweet Sensation is soft and flexible, making it easy to insert. It’s also made from silicone and is latex and phthalate free so it’s safe for those with allergies.

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