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Don't bore yourself with the same old resolutions that you'll probably end up breaking within the first week. Why not make some New Year's resolutions that you'll actually want to keep for once. A sex resolution could be anything that aims to improve your sex life, literally anything. Even one small change in the bedroom could upgrade your sex life. It doesn't have to be anything too difficult to accomplish and it's never too late to try something new. So why not kick start 2020 off with a focus on pleasure?! Here are some Sex Resolutions you'll be dying to try...

1. Invest in your own pleasure

If you're looking to switch up or change your sexual routine in the new year, the best place start is with yourself. Try not to ignore your desires, get to know yourself and learn more about what turns you on. Buy some sex toys, please yourself, watch porn, take time out to find out exactly what you like before involving other people.

2. Create a sex bucket list 

A bucket list for your sex life can bring plenty of adventure into the bedroom. If you've not already created one then there's not a better way to start it than in 2020. It could be anything sexual related that you'd like to try at some point in your life. This could be anything from sex in a car, a threesome, trying out every position in the Kama Sutra, or absolutely anything. Then work towards completing a few off your list throughout the year.

3. Switch up your routine

Tired of having the same old routine?! Upgrade your sex life by switching it up in the New Year. We're creatures of habit after all so we all know how easy it can be to go by the same routine time and time again. Especially if you've been in a relationship for a number of years, sometimes it's healthy to try different things. Why not try out positions you've never tried before. Look at some of Karma Sutra positions and see how adventurous you can go.

4. Get outside of the bedroom

Shake off your old routine to bring some added pleasure. Try taking the sex out of the bedroom and into other areas of the house. This can be a game changer and really switch things up.  You may even want to be super adventurous and take things outside...

5. Ask your partner what they like

Find out what your partner likes in the bedroom, learn how they like to be pleased and vice versa. Communication plays a huge part in improving your sexual relationship with your partner.

6. Limit your distractions 

Distractions can get in the way of relationships and the quality of time spent together in the bedroom. Mobiles in particular are one of the main hindrances which can get in the way of intimacy. If you're looking to spend some more quality time together, then why not try and limit the amount you use your phone in the bedroom. We all know it can be a buzz killer!

7. Talk about your boundaries and expectations

If you want to explore new things in the bedroom then it's also important to discuss your expectations and boundaries with your partner. Couples who communicate this before performing something new are more likely have a better outcome.

8. No more faking it 

Make 2020 the year to stop faking it! Narrow down the orgasm gap in the bedroom. Instead of faking it try discussing it with your partner, tell and show them how you like to be pleased in bed and what best works for you.

9. Have more sex...

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