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If you're self isolating with your partner then this is the best time to spice up your sex life and try out something new! Get on top of each other to help pass the time and to boost your feel good hormones... we could all do with some of those right now. We honestly don't know how long this lockdown is going to go on for so here's a couple tips to stop your sex life from drying up.

Mutual Masturbation

Masturbating with your partner is the perfect way to tease each other into a wonderful orgasm or for a foreplay session to build up to the main event. Not only that, you can learn from each other how you like to please yourself. It's a win-win!

Get The Toys Out

Enjoy even more pleasure in the bedroom by introducing sex toys into your sex life. Whether you're looking for something you can both enjoy such as a cock ring or a clitoral stimulator for her. The good news is...we're still open during the lockdown so you can count on us for delivering your sex toy needs!

Add Lube

Looking to explore new sensations whilst you're bored in self isolation? Try adding some lube. A little squeeze can go an extra long way and there's a million things you can use it for. You could add some flavour to oral sex, enjoy anal sex pain free or add some extra lubrication for penetration. Lube equally feels just as good for him and for her.

Give An Intimate Massage

Spend some extra quality time with each other by starting off your foreplay with a sensual massage. This is bound to get you both in the mood. You could even add some extra pleasure with our sensual massage oil or vibrating massaging wands.

Try A New Sex Position

There are plenty out there so why not explore now! Maybe even try reading the Karma Sutra guide for some intimate positions you could try out. You could even make it a challenge for you both. Why not try a new position each day that you've not tried before, the list is endless.


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