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The acceptance of sex toys has increased by a large percentage over the last decade, however even now there still tends to be a lack of understanding surrounding butt plugs, but why? Because of this, we've created a small guide of all of the things you need to know about butt plugs.

Why Do People Use Them

If you've never used a butt plug before and don't know much about them then you may be wondering why some people love them so much. FYI...Many people use butt plugs during foreplay, masturbation and sex because they can lead to more intense orgasms and pleasure (for either genders).

Start Off Small

Butt plugs come in all sorts of shapes and sizes just like vibrators. If you're new to butt stuff then you'll want to start off with a petite plug like our Sweet Sensation Butt Plug which has been designed especially for beginners. We would also highly recommenced using a body safe material such as silicone, metal or glass. Some materials may not be body safe so it's always best to double check first.

It Won't Get Lost Inside You

Whilst you've probably heard all the horror stories of people having to go to A&E with a but plug or a sex toy that's gotten lost inside, it's very unlikely that this would ever happen. The majority of butt plugs are designed with a flared base, which prevents them from ever being able to disappear. If you're ever in doubt then make sure you choose one with a wide base to ever prevent this from happening. 

Lube Is A Must!

Whenever you insert a butt plug you should always use a lubricant for easy insertion. We would always recommend using a water-based lube with silicone butt plugs as some silicone based lubricants may damage and slightly erode certain silicone sex toys.

It Can Increase Orgasm, potential

The great thing about butt plugs is that they can be used by anyone! They are also equally pleasurable for both partners. When used during sex it can help tighten the vagina which enhances sensations for both partners. Further more, guys can also have a pleasurable experience as butt plugs can help stimulate the prostate. 


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