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Menopause Dilator Set

Step up slowly with this five-piece dilator set that encourages the gentle relaxation of vaginal tightness. Choose the size that feels most comfortable and progress at your own pace. An easy-to-use, body-safe, medical grade silicone set that gradually eases you into pleasure. Best used with a water-based lubricant. 


  • £60.00
  • £42.00


Free From: Latex & phthalates

Size: Dilator 1 = 12.5 x 80 mm Dilator 2 = 19 x 95mm Dilator 3 = 21 x 115mm Dilator 4 = 25 x 145mm Dilator 5 = 34.5 x 160mm

How to use
  1. Clean before and after use

  2. Coat with a water-based lubricant for easy insertion.

  3. Gently place the tapered end of the dilator inside the vagina. The dilator should not be fully inserted, please keep the handle outside. When you are comfortable using the choosen dilator, you can progress to the next size.

Use for 15-30 minutes at least three times per week for an effective progression.

Key Features

  • Medical Grade
    Medical Grade


  • Free From
    Free From

    Latex & Phathaltes

  • Variety Of
    Variety Of


gradual sizing...

for gentle progression

Our dilator set includes a range of sizes, allowing you to start with the smallest and gently progress to your desired level of comfort. Whether you're dealing with vaginal discomfort, pelvic pain, or simply seeking to enhance your intimacy, our dilators are here to help.

hypoallergenic & body-safe

made from medical grade silicone

We prioritise your safety and comfort, which is why our dilators are made from premium medical-grade silicone. This material is hypoallergenic, body-safe, and easy to clean, ensuring you can focus on your well-being without worry.


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