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If you’re brand new to sex toys, knowing what you should try first can be a tricky decision. Afterall, there are so many different toys to choose from! To help you out, here is a list of beginner-friendly sex toys to get you inspired. Which will you try first? 


So, first things first, if you don’t already have an intimate lubricant, you should absolutely add one to your life. Lubes help to enhance glide, increase pleasure and extend play by reducing friction. Plus, if you decide to pick up a sex toy later, a lubricant is vital for making the most of your new plaything. I recommend a water-based lube to begin with, and the So Divine Classic Lubricant is perfect: it’s body-friendly, compatible with all toys and condoms and vegan-friendly.

Bullet Vibrator

When it comes to toys that vibrate, a bullet vibrator is an excellent place to start. They’re small, non-intimidating, and designed for all-over external stimulation, but are particularly pleasurable when used on the clitoris, nipples or head of the penis. Bullet vibrators are a brilliant staple to have in your toy box thanks to their versatility and petite size which makes them perfect for solo play, or with a partner, and a great travel-friendly toy for play away from home. The So Divine Whole Lotta Love Bullet Vibrator is a fantastic first bullet vibe for those who want to keep the price low and the pleasure high. It has a tapered tip for pin-point stimulation, 7 different functions to explore, a single-button interface for easy operation and, at only 8cm in length, is small enough to slip between you and a partner, or an overnight bag. Plus it includes all the batteries you need to get started!

Don’t fancy batteries? Try the So Divine Get Lucky USB Rechargeable Vibrator instead!

Vibrating Cock Ring

A vibrating cock ring is a great toy to try, even if you don’t have a penis in your life. Yes, you read that correctly, but I’ll come onto that in a moment.

If you do have a penis, then a vibrating cock ring can be a great way of enhancing solo and couples play. By applying gentle pressure to the base of the penis a cock ring can help the wearer’s feel bigger and harder, and able to play for longer. The vibrations help to enhance blood flow and add extra zing to your penis play and, during couples play, stimulates a partner too for shared bliss. 

No penis? Slip the ring around your fingers for enhanced finger play with a friend. 

The So Divine Thriller 2-in-1 Vibrating Ring is the perfect ring to start with. 

Massage Wand

A massage wand is a fantastic toy to have in your life for its intimate and muscle-soothing benefits. Initially designed as a tool for massage, wands contain a powerful motor and have a broad head for widespread sensations. Add a drop of massage oil and caress over aching muscles to take advantage of its original purpose or, just as other curious kinksters have discovered, use it on more intimate areas to explore its orgasmic potential. The great thing about wands is, even if you decide it's not a toy you want to use intimately, you’ll always have a powerful massager at hand for working out those pesky knots or easing up an aching neck (and who doesn’t need that from time to time?!) 

One of my favourite wands right now is the So Divine Portable Massaging Wand. Not only is it smaller than the average wand which makes it easy to store and travel with, but it’s rechargeable, has 10 functions and is made of silicone for a velvety feel that’s body-friendly. 

Think I missed an amazing first-time toy off the list? Got a question about a toy I haven’t mentioned here? Or about one I have? Pop it in the comments below!

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