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Purchasing a sex toy can be quite overwhelming. Many people worry about the cost, size, shape and features, however a vast amount of people overlook the material the sex toy is made out of. This is actually a really important factor!! Especially when you are inserting these products into your body. Unfortunately unlike other industries, the sex toy market is highly unregulated and therefore some companies can use materials that are not body safe and may use porous materials that can become a breeding ground for bacteria. Luckily for you all of our So Divine sex toys are 100% body-safe and are all made from non-porous materials.

Find out which materials used in sex toys are body-safe and which ones you should try to avoid.

Porous VS Non Porous Sex Toys

Generally sex toy materials fall into two different categories - porous and non-porous sex toys.

Porous sex toys are ones that you want to try and avoid at all costs. These type of sex toys are usually soft, although some of them can contain hard plastic. If it's any other plastic other than ABS then you can assume that it is made from a porous material.

Porous toys collect bacteria and dirt which make them very hard to keep clean. This can spread germs and even spread STIs and yeast infections between partners.

Another reason to stay away from these toys is that some may contain Phthalates. These are commonly found in cheap porous sex toy materials and are even known to cause cancer!! Phthalates were banned from children's toys back in 2008, although they are still found in some sex toys. Luckily none of our So Divine products contain any of these but make sure you check the materials before buying any sex toys and try to keep away from porous sex toys as these are more likely to contain toxic cheap materials.

Body-Safe Sex Toy Materials 

If you want to know which type of sex toy materials are body-safe then make sure you read the following section. When purchasing sex toys we recommend only purchasing if they contain the following materials.

Silicone Sex Toys

Silicone is one of the most common sex toy materials about, in addition to this it is completely body safe  and non-porous. Silicone toys are great as they warm up to body temperature more easily and can come in a variety of shapes and textures.


ABS Plastic Sex Toys 

 Other sex toys are commonly made out of hard plastics such as ABS. These are also a body safe material that can be easily cleaned between uses. ABS is also not harmful in any way, some of our bullets have also been made from this material.


Metal Sex Toys 

Metal sex toys are also a guaranteed non-porous material due to their hard materials. They're super easy to clean so you won't need to be worried about any bacteria forming if you've cleaned them properly between washes.

Glass Sex Toys

 Glass is smooth, hard and non-porous. These sex toys can be easily cleaned and can also be used for temperature play if you dip them in warm or cold water. They are normally made from borosilicate (Pyrex) or soda lime which are both safe to use.

Non Body-Safe Sex Toy Materials

Whilst a large range of sex toys are safe to use there are still a large amount of unregulated sex toys on the market. You need to be careful of these and avoid purchasing any. If you own some already without realising they are toxic or non-porous then our best advice would be to bin these. 

Rubber/Jelly Sex/ PVC  Toys

Jelly, rubber and PVC sex toys should be absolutely avoided when possible! These types of toys are not guaranteed to be body safe and may can contain cancerous substances such as phthalates. As the sex toy industry is unregulated some rubber/jelly toys may include these ingredients so its best to avoid them at all costs. These toys are also porous and can harbor bacteria making them difficult to keep clean and are likely to spread yeast infections and STIs between partners.


If you have any further questions regarding the information given in this blog post and would like to find out more about body-safe sex toy materials then feel free to contact us: [email protected] 

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