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A whole new level of sexual revolution is happening today which means that sex toys are no longer here for the sole purpose of masturbating alone. Forget about the prospect that these little (or sizeable) pieces of libido boosters should remain behind closed doors and purchases must be made discreetly and under-the-counter only. Let us welcome the fact that there are a lot more ways to use sex toys than to just do it yourself.

To name a few, butt plugs, bullets, cock rings, dildos and vibrators are great ways to spice things up a little bit in the bedroom, especially if you feel like your intimate moments are lacking that heat and excitement factors everyone's craving for. Read on for a few best ways to incorporate sex toys in your relationship and change the way you and your partner have sex.


Whether you and the partner decide to browse together online or pay a visit to your local adult store, the act of shopping for sex toys together can be counted as foreplay. Apart from this, there are many different variations that you can use on each other to increase the pleasure and excitement before you have sex. Would you like your man to have a harder, longer-lasting erection and a delayed but more intense orgasm? Try a cock ring. On the other hand, using a massaging wand is a perfect idea to soothe, relax, tempt and tease your partner before penetration.

Sensory deprivation

Whilst most sex toys are intended to increase your libido, there are also many toys that can be used to suppress one or more of the senses. Go back to basics and throw in a blindfold or handcuffs to momentarily strip your lover of control.

Putting on a show

Both men and women are turned on by what they see. In light of this, putting on a show for your partner with the help of sex toys is a great way to spice up their sexual appetite. Once you're in bed, consider using a dildo or a vibrator and give your lover a 'Look But Don't Touch' show. Seeing you writhe in pleasure is a really huge turn on for your significant other which will help give your partner the increased level of performance that you both desire.

Stimulating the perineum

A man's prostate gland is highly sensitive and getting it stimulated is a great way to turn him on and bring him stronger orgasms. This is located inside the small patch of skin between his scrotum and anus. If you're way past inserting a finger in his anus, butt plugs are always here to assist. They are the easiest sex toys to use for this purpose as they are specifically designed to stay in place once inserted.

Dual action

It is not uncommon for some women to perform self-stimulation whilst going down on their significant other. Instead of doing so with only your hand, pick a bullet with the choice of speed and pulsating patterns of your liking. Utilising this during your oral performance will create intense stimulation that will surely be followed by a heady climax.

If you are looking for sex toys that will allow you and your partner to maximise pleasure and enjoy loving for longer, So Divine are here to help. We are celebrating the arrival of a bright sex toy future where everyone can enjoy safe and playful sexual pleasure. Don't have the perfect Christmas gift for your partner, yet? Start shopping now. For enquiries, feel free to send us a message by completing this form.

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