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Menopause is a natural and transformative phase in a woman's life, marked by significant physical and emotional changes. Recognising the unique needs of women during this time, we have introduced the Embrace and Thrive Menopause Range – a collection designed to empower and support women through this journey. As well as addressing physical changes, these products contribute to a woman's emotional and intimate well-being! By embracing these changes with confidence and the right tools, women can embrace and thrive during this significant chapter of their lives.

Sexpert Debbie shares her thoughts on our exclusive range: “Menopause has only recently come to the forefront of conversations. It is something that so many will experience and yet we have no education on it to prepare us. With this range, So Divine hope to empower those experiencing menopause. This life chapter isn’t an ending but new beginning. The next chapter in your story.

Vaginal tightness, dryness and pain can all be experienced as side effects to the hormonal and physical changes in menopause. With the Embrace and Thrive range So Divine seek to help us rediscover, strengthen, and appreciate our sexual selves.

The dilator set in this range is incredible. Made with smooth medical grade silicone with a slight curve and flawless handles they are perfectly attuned to someone struggling with tightness and pain. Whilst using these to help improve pleasure as you progress, you can attach the simple Classic Vibrator from the same range to the handles. This vibrator can also be used to rediscover the rest of your body. Reigniting those sparks and tuning into your desire.

The menopause Kegel ball training set goes up in stages. To help strengthen the pelvic floor without discomfort. They are perfectly weighted to be used over short periods. Explore using them during different everyday activities as a pelvic work out and discover the enjoyment Kegel balls bring both to your sexual wellness but also the consequence then on partnered play.

With all these toys / sexual aids – lube is critical. A good water-based lube can immeasurably help comfort, pleasure, and sensitivity. Lube enhances the experience all round and should be considered a necessity not a bonus extra, menopausal, or not.

Intimacy means something different to everyone, it can be physical or something so much more. Tuning into your body as it changes and discovering your evolving likes and dislikes. Connecting with sexual pleasure can have some amazingly positive physical and psychological effects. Embrace this change, cherish your body, and take time to reconnect with you.”

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