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It’s sexual health week and we’re helping to raise awareness on a whole range of issues. One issue regarding sexual health that we'd like to bring attention to is the lack of women who are attending smear tests. More worrying, this year marked a 21-year all time low for women attending their tests in the UK.

Why is this so worrying? Find out below…


What are smear tests?

  • Smear tests check the health of your cervix and help to prevent cancer.
  • Anyone between the ages of 25 - 64 are invited to have a test.
  • During the test, a sample of cells will be taken from your cervix.
  • These are used to test for any changes to the cells of your cervix.


Why are smear tests so important?

  • They can prevent up to 75% of cervical cancer cases.
  • For females in the UK, cervical cancer is the 19th most common cause of cancer death.

Find out more on the NHS website

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