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So What Does Erogenous Mean?

Erogenous comes from the Greek word 'Eros' which means love and 'Genous' meaning producing ... "inducing erotic sensation or sexual desire"

An erogenous zone is an area of the body that has heightened sensitivity and can produce a sexual response when stimulated, including relaxation, arousal and orgasm. The erogenous zones are extra sensitive due to the large amount of nerve endings in these particular areas which causes heightened sensitivity.


Where Are Some Of The Erogenous Zones On The Body?

The most obvious erogenous zones include the nipples, clitoris, G-spot for women and penis and testicles for men, although there are plenty of other sensual zones that tend to get forgotten about. Find out where they are and the best tips to stimulate these sensitive areas.


1. The Neck

Ever wondered why neck kisses feel so damn good?! The nape and back of your neck have plenty of nerve endings which will help to get you in the mood. By running the tips of your fingers up and down your partners neck whilst kissing is bound to enlighten their senses.

2. Inner Thighs

Before going straight into oral, have your partner tease your inner thighs. The thighs are actually a lot more sensitive than you'd probably think and are packed full of sensitive nerve endings for those feel-good sensations.

3. Ears

Yep that's right, even your ears are an erogenous zone but are often overlooked. They may not seem very sexy but they're super sensitive due to their sensory receptors which can lead to amazing feelings when your partner gently kisses or nibbles on them.

4. Stomach

The area above your pelvic is a major tease! In addition to this, the the lower stomach is close you the vulva which can be very exciting for some women when stimulated.

5. Hands

The hands are a very sensual part of the body even though we might not think of them in that way. Your fingertips are full of nerve endings so even just a small touch can produce an entire wave of sensations. To kick it up a notch during sex, have your partner gently suck on your fingers once at a time.

6. Lips

One of the more obvious ones...the lips will always be one of the hottest erogenous zones. They've actually got 100 times more nerve endings than our fingertips. Just the slightest touch can lead to a rush of feel-good hormones making you feel happy, relaxed and super turned on.


Top Tip - To heighten these sensitive areas even more...try using a massaging wand over certain erogenous zones to tickle your sensitive nerve endings even more. 

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