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Sex is amazing anytime of the day and serves it's large number of health benefits. However, the benefits of morning sex will make you want to start switching up your routine.


1.  It’s One Of The Best Ways To Start The Day

Mornings are best for treating yourself to some self-care to start the day such as working out, mediating. So why not include sex in that? By having sex in the morning it can be one of the best ways to start the day off. That’s because when you have an orgasm your body releases the chemical oxytocin that makes you feel happier and less groggy.


2.  It Counts As A Mini Work Out

While morning sex is not quite the equivalent to doing an hour on the treadmill, it still counts a workout. Studies have show that sex burns about 5 calories per minute which is about the same as going for a walk.


3.  It’s A Better Replacement For Coffee

Sex gets you fired up in the morning in a way that coffee can’t!


4.  It Reduces Stress

Need to reduce your morning stress levels? Well, a morning quickie can be the perfect way to start off your day stress-free. According to one study, pleasurable activities reduce your stress hormone levels.


5.  Your Body Is Primed For Morning Sex

Both estrogen and testosterone levels are at their highest in the morning, therefore this increases sexual desire which makes morning sex feel so damn good. Your energy levels are also normally much higher in the morning so it's the perfect time of the day to have the best sex.


6. You'll Get A Post Sex Glow 

Morning sex will set you up to not only feel great but you'll look great too! According to experts, morning sex can give you a fresh glow due to the increase levels of DHEA - a chemical that's also linked to glowing skin and hair. 


7. It Increases Intimacy Between Couples

Waking up with your partner helps to boosts endorphin levels, this often leads to increased levels of intimacy between partners, helping relationships to last longer.


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