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So Divine

Here's a preview of our latest feature in the Evening Standard's article: The Best Body-Safe Sex Toys

"When purchasing any sex toy or lubricant our advice is simple but sincere: always consider what it's made from and never buy cheap. Unknown to many, a vast majority of the toys on sale today are made from all sorts of harmful materials which can cause allergic reactions resulting in everything from irritation and burning of the skin, and in some severe cases, thrush."

So Divine Get Lucky USB Travel Vibrator

Best for: the busy and working woman "Now here's a sex toy that packs a powerful tickle. Latex and phthalates free, this So Divine rechargeable travel vibrator has been made with premium silky soft silicone to keep thrush at bay and deliver maximum pleasure whilst you are on the move. 100% waterproof, the quiet, yet powerful vibrator has three speeds and four pulsating patterns that teases the clitoris with its soft and gentle pulsating tip. Best thing about it is its discreetness. Unplug the finger top and your left with what looks like your average USB stick to the unassuming eye. An incredible bonus if you ask us. Sadly, you won't be able to store your excel sheets on it, but for those that like to live on the risque side at work, it's bound to keep you happy between those dreaded weekly meetings and business trips." The Best Body-Safe Sex Toys Article: To Purchase our 'Get Lucky' USB Rechargeable Vibrator click here
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