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So Divine

Kegel Ball Starter Kit

Are you ready to navigate the beautiful journey of menopause with grace, comfort, and confidence? Look no further than the So Divine pelvic floor training ki bundle, a carefully curated collection designed to support you through this transformative phase of life. Say goodbye to discomfort and hello to pleasure, with our Kegel balls and water-based lubricant.

So Divine Kegel Balls: Experience the rejuvenating power of our So Divine Kegel Balls, thoughtfully designed to help you regain control and enhance your pelvic floor strength. Crafted from silky-smooth, body-safe silicone, these Kegel balls are perfect for women in all stages of life, especially during menopause.

So Divine Water-Based Lube: Enhance your intimate moments with the So Divine Water-Based Lubricant, specially formulated to provide silky-smooth comfort and natural lubrication. Menopause can often lead to vaginal dryness, making intimate moments uncomfortable. Our water-based lube is here to restore pleasure and intimacy.

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Free From: Latex & Phthalates

How to use
  1. Clean and Lubricate: Wash the balls and your hands. Apply water-based lubricant if needed.

  2. Insert the Ball: Gently insert the Kegel ball into your vagina, leaving the retrieval cord outside.

  3. Contract Muscles: Squeeze and lift your pelvic muscles, holding for a few seconds.

  4. Relax: Release the muscles, letting the ball rest inside.

  5. Remove: To remove, gently pull on the retrieval cord or bear down gently to push it out.

  6. Practice Regularly: Repeat exercises regularly, increasing weight and time as your muscles strengthen.

Key Features

  • Suitable For
    Suitable For


  • Water-based


  • Body-safe


  • Pelvic Floor
    Pelvic Floor


Strengthens Pelvic Floor Muscles

Strengthen your pelvic muscles to combat common menopausal concerns like urinary incontinence and vaginal laxity. These Kegel balls also enhance sexual sensation, promoting a fulfilling intimate experience.

Water-based Lubricant For Easy Insertion

Our water-based formula mimics your body's natural lubrication, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Apply the lubricant to the kegel balls before inserting to ensure comfort.


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