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What are the best sex toys for beginners? 

If you're diving into the world of sex toys it can be quite overwhelming, that's why we've come up with a few products that we think are great for beginners. Your first experience with sex toys should be fun, exciting and stress free!


If it's your or your partners very first time using sex toys then bullets are a great toy to start with. These tend to be the smallest vibrators and are super easy to use.  Our single-speed bullets have one mode of vibration so all you have to do is press the button to turn it on and then press again to switch it off - it couldn't be simpler! These toys are designed for clitoral stimulation and are not designed for internal use as they are too small. They're great for solo play and also make a great addition to foreplay with your partner. If you'd like something more powerful then we also do a range of multi-speed bullets which come with a variety of functions so you can switch to choose a pattern that best suits you. 



Another great place to start is with a dildo and a bottle of lube (our water based lubricant would be perfect as it's safe to use with silicone toys).  Dildos are a great way to become more comfortable with using sex toys and you don't even have to worry about them running out of batteries. Our 'Glorious' Real Skin Feel Dildo has an extra strong suction base so you can use it all around the house and in the shower for some extra fun.

Bullets and dildos are great toys to start with if you're a sex toy newbie due to their ease of use. If you have any questions relating to sex toys then feel free to contact us.

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