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So Divine

Irreplaceable Clitoral Suction Stimulator

Simply Irreplaceable, with powerful pulsations that gently suck and puff air over your clitoris this USB rechargeable suction stimulator is no illusion and with 11 different settings it will tease and stimulate you into a powerful orgasm. A bewitching new way to reach that high. Try it out for yourself

  • £45.00


Functions: 11 Pleasure Intensities

Charging time: 2.5 - 3 hours

Usage duration: 1 Hour

Material: silicone nozzle

Length: 115mm

How to use

Position the suction vibrator head around an the erogenous zone you would like to stimulate. Create a seal with the suction head to enclose. Once fully enveloped by the sucker, press and hold the power button to turn it on to enjoy sucking and pulsing pleasure. Press again to increase the intensity. We recommend always starting on the first intensities if it is your first time using the toy so you can get used to it first. If you're looking to add some extra pleasure, add a small amount of water-based lubricant on the suction nozzle.

Key Features

  • 11 Pleasure
    11 Pleasure


  • USB


  • Clitoral


  • Water


  • Premium


The OG clit sucker...

Clitorally Amazing

Also known as the OG clit sucker, 'Irreplaceable' suction stimulator is designed to mimic oral sex, and will give your clit an orgasm you won't forget! You can also use it on other erogenous zones too! Designed with advanced suction and air pulsation technology it is perfect for pin point stimulation.

Unlike anything you have tried before...

Unique Pleasure Sensations

Unlike most vibrators which only stimulate the surface of the clitoris, 'Irreplaceable' suction vibrator uses a pulsing suction and envelopes the clitoris entirely for all-over stimulation. This not only feels amazing, but it also encourages blood flow to your clitoris which helps to heighten arousal, sensitivity and orgasm potential.


Sexpert - 01 June 2022

How to Use a Clitoral Suction Toy - By Jess Wilde, Sexpert

Clitoral suction toys are taking the pleasure industry (and clitoris’s the world over) by storm, and since their big reveal just a few years ago, they’ve quickly become the must-have sex toy for anyone with a clitoris. ...

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