The Benefits Of Morning Sex

Sex is amazing anytime of the day and serves it's large number of health benefits. However, the benefits of morning sex will make you want to start switching up your routine.  1.  It’s One Of The Best Ways To Start The DayMornings are best for treating yourself to some self-care to start the day such as working out, mediating. So why not include sex in that? By having sex in the morning it can be one of the best ways to start the day off. That’s because when you have an orgasm your body releases the chemical oxytocin th...

Top Creative Ways To Use Sex Toys With Your Partner

A whole new level of sexual revolution is happening today which means that sex toys are no longer here for the sole purpose of masturbating alone. Forget about the prospect that these little (or sizeable) pieces of libido boosters should remain behind closed doors and purchases must be made discreetly and under-the-counter only. Let us welcome the fact that there are a lot more ways to use sex toys than to just do it yourself. To name a few, butt plugs, bullets, cock rings, dildos and vibrators are great ways to spice things up a little bit in...

Every Couple’s Guide To Adult Play Ft. Sex Toys

If you are searching for the best sex toys for couples for that intimate adult play that you have planned for a special night, you will be bombarded with hundreds of different products that will claim to spice up your sex life.Being the behemoth that it is today, the sex toy market offers you a multitude of different options you can enjoy, including rabbit vibrators, props, plugs and dildos, as well as some very hardcore  love making. Why use sex toys? Whilst it is not uncommon for most people to think that they can easily provide satisfact...